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Life Science & Biotechnology East Building

Life Science & Biotechnology East Building, which has one basement and four floors, provides systematic educational facilities with classroom, auditorium, research room, and laboratories. This building are equipped to play a key role in life science, food science, environmental and ecological science field in response to demands of the modern society which focus food, life, and environment industry.

Life Science & Biotechnology West Building

Life science and technology West Building is composed of departments of basic science, advanced and applied science, and life science. A primary goal is training future generations pursuing and achieving improvement of the human environment by developing advanced science in order to progress practical skills, make life easier, investigate biological phenomena, and develop food resource with genetic investigation. This building plays a leading role in high-tech life science field with forming one system of laboratories, offices, and seminar rooms.

CJ Food Safety Hall

CJ food safety hall, completed in November, 2007 with a total area of 4,502 m2 with one basement and four on-ground levels, has educational research and welfare facilities for food-related research, education, training, and consulting service. Various research room, classroom, BSL (Bio Safety Level 3–medical/chemical/biological/food research laboratory) facilities and sterilization room, cold room, inorganic/organic laboratories, microbiological laboratories, and three companies’ laboratories were located in this building for achieving best food safety research center for biological and chemical hazards. CJ food safety hall including specialized food safety technology is expected to contribute society and improve public health by developing and suggesting for comprehensive solution of food safety.

Institute of Biomedical Science & Food Safety

Strategic approach for "Institute of Biomedical Science & Food Safety (IBF)" is on its functioning as a leading group who is changing the impact of government leading projects into private institutes or companies and as a developing sector who is making total solution for biomedical science and food safety. IBF promotes human health care by means of verifying pharmacological and nutritional regimen and of evaluating safety of food materials and biologics. IBF would construct infructure for multidisciplinary research on food science and medicine, and also perform its related activity, including education, training, consultation, business of property inspection and patent registration.
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Center for Analytical and Life Science Instrument

Center for Analytical and Lifes Science Instrument, an affiliated institution of the college, was established in 1977 with a goal to achieve research competitiveness through joint use of advanced equipment and for further development, and it expanded and moved to present location in 2003. To accomplish a standard as an agency which could support various research activities, high-price advanced apparatuses are secured every year which are practiced safely and accurately. A primary goal of the center is vitalizing the research through purchase and operation of many research equipments in various specialties. Furthermore, by promoting research activities of scientists and engineers through providing advanced equipment service, the center is planning to support the industrial development of the nation. Currently, the Center for Analytical and Lifes Science Instrument is supervising the high-end equipment operation and hosting the workshop or educational program in order to support research and education of the professors and students of our college. The center avoids the overlapping installation of the advices and invests budgets efficiently with an aim to activate and promote the research activities in the school.
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Korea University’s Food Processing Line

Korea University’s food processing line, of which started as a ‘Food Processing Pilot Plant’ utilized for occasions such as food processing experiments of food science department of the college, is currently used as a field experiment training site. In May 2000, it registered a business licence as a School corporation Korea Central Institute Foundation Branch and products are produced and sold at the processing line, directly.